Security Correspondent

Frank Gardner is the BBC’s first fulltime Security Correspondent, reporting for TV, radio and online on issues of both UK and international security. In 2004 he was shot six times at close range by Al-Qaeda gunmen while filming in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but survived with major injuries. He is an Arabist with a degree in Arabic & Islamic Studies from Exeter University and he worked all over the Gulf before becoming the BBC’s Middle East Correspondent in Cairo.

He has reported firsthand on terrorism and security from around the Middle East, notably Saudi Arabia and Yemen, as well as Afghanistan, Pakistan, the US, Guantanamo Bay and the Horn of Africa. He has given evidence to various UK Parliamentary Select Committees on the conduct of the War on Terrorism. He was awarded the OBE by HM The Queen in 2005 for services to journalism, awarded Honorary Doctorates of Laws by Nottingham, Staffordshire and Exeter Universities, the McWhirterAward for Bravery, Spain’s El Mundo Prize for International Journalism, the ZayedMedal for Journalism and voted Person of the Year by the UK Press Gazette.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and his Sunday Times bestseller ‘Blood and Sand’, describing his 25 years of Middle Eastern experiences, was published by Transworldin 2006. His book, Far Horizons, about unusual journeys to unusual places is currently in reputable book stores.

As a career broadcaster and a witty and gifted communicator, Frank shares his passion for the Middle East, travel and adventure.  He draws on a unique perspective and understanding of both domestic and international security, notably on Al-Qaeda-related terrorism. Frank’s own personal story of survival combined with his extensive knowledge of history, current affairs and politics make for a compelling event.